Regular massage therapy is an important component in keeping your body pain free. Aside from relaxation, certain techniques can release adhesions and limit the progression of injury.

Swedish Massage:

A wonderful full-body massage using soothing strokes, promoting a relaxing and pain-reducing experience, while relaxing joint stiffness.

Myofacial Release:

A safe and effective technique used by applying a slow and gentle static pressure directly into the myofacial connective tissue tension. This relieves pain, increases range of motion and boosts circulation.

Neuromuscular Therapy:

A gentle, non-invasive treatment, working with the nervous system’s response to muscular and myofacial function. This technique is ideal for those who require an extremely gentle touch, such as those living with fibromyalgia.

Deep Tissue:

This technique aids in the breakdown of major tension in specific areas of the body, releasing spasms in the muscle. This work is slow paced and complements orthopedic, physical therapy and chiropractic techniques.

For the benefit of your body, we can create a program that integrates massage and therapeutic exercise within your sessions. Massage will help reduce pain and scar tissue and the strength program will ensure the best postural alignment for the developing muscle structure. Using both modalities can help an injury heal faster.

Also available:

Sports Massage, Chair Massage and Bookings for events